Making Music Technology Easy Acoustic, electric, and bass  guitars instruction are popular  studio classes especially in the  areas of pop and rock music.  We teach all genre of music but  most requested is rock.  We have amplifiers in the studio so that  the student only needs to bring  the instrument and the book.   Keyboard and Piano instruction is provided for beginner and the  intermediate player. The  youngest student was five and  the oldest is over seventy.  So  students of all ages are  welcomed. Piano methods used  in the classes are selected to  best fit the student.  Methods  offered are Alfred, Thompson,  and Berklee.    Electronic music is so much a part  of our culture and available on our  electronic listening devices.  Students have a desire to learn this  new music technology.  We provide Ableton Live training for students to  learn the music software and to  create electronic music on their  computer.  We also teach music  production and recording.